Gratitude Calendar 2014 – Day 257 Potjiekos

September Gratitude CalendarSeptember14 Gratitude CalendarPotjiekos, lekker, lekker, potjiekos


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Calendar 2014 – Day 257 Potjiekos

  1. Just had to look up what potjiekos is. It certainly looks like my nana’s stew to me. She hailed from Lancashire England and was very frugal with what went into that stew pot. I made the mistake of looking into it once prior to all of that meat removal from bones, thickening up and tarting up with veggies and am unable to speak of it to this day. I reckon she started me out on this vegan lark ;). Excellent drawing Ms H.K. and most worthy of a gratitude calender. Food has to be right up there with the most sincere gratitude as what else gives us that kind of soul buzz? 🙂


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