My friend

This year I made a new friend.  (I do not make friends easily.  I am not sure why but it has always been that way.)  The day she asked me to be her friend, I came home and cried.  I was scared but we both took the chance and opened our hearts to each other.

I can not say that I never got mad at her (she did use my face towel to mop up yogurt from a bus’ floor).  And there is still a lot I do not know about her. But we were becoming friends.

Then on the first of December she died in a car accident.  I was in denial for some time.  I could not listen to all the stories being told about her at work.  I went to my class and sat there alone.  I would not allow myself to think about the idea of her being dead.  I kept myself from crying and I thought I was silly for being so, so sad about her… I’m not family… I did not know her that long.

But fact is I am sad about my friend and I will miss her for a long, long time.

illustration woman yorkie

Saying goodbye to Christa and Tranitha.