Trying to develop a character… Meet Mooi-Mooi

I read in “The encyclopedia of writing and illustrating children’s books” by Desdemona McCannon, Sue Thornton and Yadzia Williams that you should base your character on a child you know.  My brother has a little girl who’s nickname is “Mooi-Mooi” (Pretty-Pretty).  These sketches is an attempt to develop a character based on her, even though the character looks nothing like her.

pencil illustration of toddler girl

I started with some pencil sketches, in different positions.

This was my second attempt, the first looked more like a teenager.  After correcting this (and several months or may be a year) I enlarged the frontal view and inked it.

ink illustration of toddler girl

Then I enlarged the front view on watercolour paper.

When I finished this I painted the illustration with watercolour paint.  I am not very happy with the end product but don’t know how to fix it.

water colour illustration of toddler girl

I coloured the illustration with watercolour paint.

I added some shadows.

Watercolour illustration of toddler girl

A little more rounded.